June 20, 2017 Productivity on Instagram

For June 20, 2017 on #ChatGram we talked about, Productivity on Instagram.


Q1: Who is looking for ways to be more productive on Instagram? And in what ways?
Q2: Do you have plan to maximize the most out of your time while checking in on Instagram? What is it?
Q3: Do you plan your content out, or do keep the Insta part and post on the fly?
Q4: For you content planners, do you use tools to plan and map out your content to be more productive?
Q5: Do you use content schedulers and management tools?
Q6: Creating content, do you use editing tools/apps?
Q7: What are some things you do to be more productive on Instagram that hasn’t been talked about?
Q8: Do you find limiting your time to certain parts of the day to check in on Instagram helps or hurts?
Q9: In the name of productivity, what is one item you see accounts getting wrong on Instagram?