June 13, 2017 Being Authentic on Instagram

For June 13, 2017 on #ChatGram we talked about, Being Authentic on Instagram.

Q1: What does being authentic on Instagram mean to you?
Q2: Do you find it hard or struggle at times being authentic on Instagram? Why?
Q3: Do you have a strategy in place to be authentic on Instagram? If so, what is it?
Q4: How do you know if an account is being authentic on Instagram? If it’s not, what’s the give away?
Q5: Is there an instant tell if an account is being authentic or not on Instagram? What is it?
Q6: Are hashtags an indicator if someone is being authentic or not?
Q7: Can you be authentic on Instagram when using stock photos and graphics?
Q8: If an account uses , formulaic responses, does that hurt their authenticity?
Q9: What is one thing an Instagram account can do to be more authentic?