Welcome to ChatGram

ChatGram is an hour long weekly Twitter chat every Tuesday at 1 PM EST. Each week there will be a topic and may feature a guest to offer their Instagram insight.


Twitter Chat 101

What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is group of Twitter users who meet at a scheduled time on Twitter to chat about a specific topic.

In order to participate in a Twitter chat one needs to use Twitter chats official hashtag (#ChatGram) for everyone to see your tweets in the chat.

Twitter chats are typically moderated by one or more individuals.

General Twitter Chat Etiquette

Question and Answer Formatting

Questions will be formatted with Q1, Q2 etc.

Answer back in tweet with A1, A2 and so on. If your answer is too long to fit into 140 characters, you can break it up into multiple tweets. Turn A1 into A1.1, A1.2, and so. This let’s people know you have a longer response.

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Twitter Chat Tools

There are many ways to monitor and engage with Twitter chats. The best one depends on the look, style, and feel that best fits you.

Follow and engage directly from Twitter. Use search function, #ChatGram, make sure you are in the latests tab of search results.

Can use TweetDeck for Twitter Chat. Recommend two columns, one set to follow a user (@Chat_Gram) and other column to monitor hashtag #ChatGram

Can use same setup like in TweetDeck, two columns, one set to follow a user (@Chat_Gram) and other column to monitor hashtag #ChatGram

Enter the hashtag (#ChatGram), login with your Twitter account, see the tweets in real-time, and engage.

Operates similarly to TweetChat. Even adds #ChatGram hashtag to your tweets for you.

Operates similarly to TweetChat and twubs. Adds #ChatGram hashtag to your tweets for you.